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Data Literacy|September 28, 2022

VIDEO: Foundations of Data Science for Students in Grades K-12

In September, the National Academies of Science Engineering and Medicine (NASEM) held a workshop on the growing field of K-12 data science education. Zarek Drozda (Data Science 4 Everyone) facilitated a discussion with practitioners including Suyen Machado (Introduction to Data Science) on the current landscape of data science education.

Data Literacy|September 20, 2022

Towards Teaching Data Science

The revolution of, the providence of, and the ubiquity of data — all big words to describe a simple reality: data is everywhere and we have to do something about it in education.

Data Literacy|July 12, 2022

Every Student Needs 21st-Century Data-Literacy Skills

RISC co-founders make the case for ensuring every student has the opportunity to acquire the data literacy skills that will be critical for living in the 21st century.

Data Literacy|May 19, 2022

California Students Need More High-Quality Advanced Math Options

Pamela Burdman, executive director of Just Equations, makes the case for providing California students with more high-quality advanced math options, including statistics, data science, or mathematical modeling.

Data Literacy|March 15, 2022

To Keep Students in STEM fields, Let’s Weed Out the Weed-Out Math Classes

Pam Burdman, Executive Director of Just Equations, explains the importance of alternative math pathways to cultivate a diverse generation of STEM researchers and professionals.

Data Literacy|March 14, 2022

Op-Ed: How Can We Make More Students Fall in Love With Math?

Jo Boaler, the co-founder of Youcubed, explains the importance of preparing students for the rapidly growing career opportunities in machine learning, data analysis, and software engineering.

Data Literacy|February 1, 2022

The Data Science for Everyone Resource Center Provides an Extensive Repository of Tools and Knowledge to Support Data Science Education

Data Science for Everyone (DS4E) is a coalition advancing data science education so that every K-12 student is equipped with the data literacy skills needed to succeed in our modern world. DS4E launched the Resource Center to provide educators, families, students, and researchers with high-quality data science teaching and learning resources.