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Collaborative Philanthropy

Valhalla's goal in collaborative philanthropy is to accelerate the impact of our giving by learning alongside and combining resources with other funders.

Valhalla Foundation funds select collaborative philanthropy platforms that allow us to:


Valhalla has supported The Audacious Project since its inception and has given to several Audacious projects that aim to solve vexing, urgent global problems. Examples of Audacious initiatives we’ve supported include the Clean Slate Initiative, Educate Girls, Global Fishing Watch, the Innovative Genomics Institute, One Acre Fund, Thorn, and Waterford Upstart.


Valhalla is also a General Partner in Blue Meridian Partners, a pioneering philanthropic model for finding and funding scalable solutions to the problems that trap young people and families in poverty in the United States.

Our Collaborative Philanthropy Portfolio

The Audacious Project
Encouraging the world’s greatest changemakers to dream bigger
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Blue Meridian Partners
Transforming the life trajectories of young people and families trapped in poverty
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