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Medical Research & Talent

Valhalla's goal is to identify breakthroughs to prevent, remediate, and cure multiple sclerosis and related autoimmune diseases, and to create a robust pipeline of new talent in medical research.

Valhalla Foundation works to identify medical breakthroughs for multiple sclerosis and related autoimmune diseases by funding leading researchers in the field with early, consistent, meaningful, and catalytic funding.

We also work to accelerate medical breakthroughs across a range of diseases by funding promising scientists early in their careers at institutions that can nurture their talents.

Valhalla Foundation is not actively looking for new medical research and talent grantees.

Grantee Spotlights


Research at UCSF has led to medical breakthroughs that have dramatically improved the quality of life for multiple sclerosis patients.

Our Medical Research & Talent Portfolio

Cell Design Institute at UCSF
Harnessing the power of living cells to treat human disease
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EPIC and ORIGINS Studies at UCSF
Unlocking the mysteries of multiple sclerosis to enable dramatic quality of life improvements for MS patients
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International Multiple Sclerosis Microbiome Study (iMSMS) at UCSF
Investigating the role of gut bacteria and their genes in multiple sclerosis to unlock entirely new approaches to MS treatment
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Octave Bioscience
Developing a world-class care management platform focused on neurodegenerative diseases, starting with multiple sclerosis
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Sandler Fellows Program at UCSF
Enabling exceptionally promising young scientists to establish independent research programs
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Whitehead Fellows Program at MIT
Enabling extraordinary scientific leaders to set up research programs of their own as an alternative to traditional post-doctoral positions
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