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Environmental Innovation|March 4, 2024

VIDEO: MethaneSAT is Now in Space! Watch the Launch of EDF’s Methane-Detecting Satellite

MethaneSAT is now in space! The methane-detecting satellite will measure pollution from millions of small sources around the world. It’s the first satellite developed and funded by any environmental nonprofit organization, Environmental Defense Fund.

Environmental Innovation|March 4, 2024

VIDEO: MethaneSAT’s Journey — A Climate Solution that is Out of this World

The Environmental Defense Fund invites you to learn more about the MethaneSat, a groundbreaking satellite to speed up cuts in methane emissions worldwide and slow global warming — fast.

Early Childhood Development|February 14, 2024

Governors Nationwide Prioritize Child Care and Early Learning in 2024 State Addresses

In their 2024 State of the State addresses, U.S. Governors across the political spectrum underscored the crucial need for investments in child care and early learning, highlighting a growing awareness of the child care challenges facing families nationwide.

Early Childhood Development|January 9, 2024

ParentCorps Builds Relationships from the Ground Up

ParentCorps empowers parents and educators to form genuine connections with young children and fosters positive transformations in homes and classrooms through professional development, a social-emotional curriculum, and a parenting program. 

Early Childhood Development|January 7, 2024

Head Start Classrooms in Wisconsin Get a “Talk Boost” with LENA to Combat Speech Delays

Amidst surging speech delays, early childhood classrooms turn to the LENA system, a digital "talk pedometer," to identify at-risk children and target interventions effectively.

Early Childhood Development|December 5, 2023

The Alliance for Early Success Releases their 2023 50-State Progress and Landscape Report

The Alliance for Early Success highlights policy wins and trends in early childhood across the U.S. in its 2023 50-State Progress and Landscape Report.

Early Childhood Development|November 29, 2023

Breaking the Cycle of Childhood Trauma: HealthySteps Reshapes Early Experiences for Families in Need

Explore the transformative impact of HealthySteps, a program providing vital support to break intergenerational cycles of trauma and create healthier, more stable futures for children.

Valhalla Update|October 18, 2023

Valhalla Foundation Welcomes New President: Sara Allan to Join in January

On behalf of the entire team at Valhalla Foundation, we are delighted to announce that Sara Allan will be the next President of Valhalla. Sara will apply her learning mindset and deep strategic and analytical skills to all areas of our philanthropy, including early childhood development, K-12 education, data science, medical research & talent, and environmental innovation.  

Data Science|October 13, 2023

Steven Leavitt on Why Objections to Data Science in K-12 Are Not Sensible

Steven Leavitt pens an Op-Ed in Fortune that addresses objections to teaching data science skills in K-12, and makes the case for why and how all students need basic data literacy.

Early Childhood Development|October 12, 2023

The Prenatal-to-3 Policy Impact Center Releases its 2023 State Policy Roadmap

Prenatal-to-3 Policy (PN-3) has released its fourth annual State Policy Roadmap. Grounded in the science of the developing child, the Roadmap provides clear guidance to state leaders on the most effective investments they can make to ensure all children thrive from the start.