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Early Childhood Development|October 13, 2022

Prenatal-to-3 Policy Impact Center Releases its 2022 State Policy Roadmap

Prenatal-to-3 (PN-3) has released its third annual State Policy Roadmap, providing a guide for each state on how they can implement evidence-based policies and strategies to improve outcomes for young children.

Early Childhood Development|September 30, 2022

Newsom Signs Bill Making Family Leave Affordable to More Workers

California expands paid family leave benefits for lower-income families with a measure that will improve the lives of children and families across the state.

Early Childhood Development|September 22, 2022

Finding a Fix for Child Care

As childcare workers leave the industry for better pay, childcare centers are closing or operating below capacity. With no expected federal support, some states are finding creative solutions to increase pay while making child care more available and affordable for families.

Early Childhood Development|August 9, 2022

Big Dollars for Little Kids: Early Childhood Education

Philanthropic investments in early childhood research and programs have spurred an increase in government funding for early childhood education and care.

K-12 Education|July 19, 2022

Signs of Academic Rebound: 5 Charts Tell the Story

Math and reading scores from 8.3 million students show performance gains, but students of color and those in high-poverty schools have more ground to make up.

Data Literacy|July 12, 2022

Every Student Needs 21st-Century Data-Literacy Skills

RISC co-founders make the case for ensuring every student has the opportunity to acquire the data literacy skills that will be critical for living in the 21st century.

Early Childhood Development|June 9, 2022

Pandemic Babies are Behind After Years of Stress, Isolation Affected Brain Development

Kids born in the COVID-19 era lag in certain skills and are more prone to challenging behaviors. Organizations such as HealthySteps are providing the additional support that experts say parents need.

Environmental Innovation|May 19, 2022

Integrating Permafrost Into Our Global Solution for Climate Change

The Woodwell Climate Research Center is launching an effort to better understand the contribution of thawing permafrost to global warming, and to help Arctic communities to cope with its effects. Permafrost thaw is a critical but often overlooked piece of the fight against climate change.

Data Literacy|May 19, 2022

California Students Need More High-Quality Advanced Math Options

Pamela Burdman, executive director of Just Equations, makes the case for providing California students with more high-quality advanced math options, including statistics, data science, or mathematical modeling.

K-12 Education|May 17, 2022

Not Good for Learning

A new study by Harvard researchers shows how school closures have drastically widened economic and racial inequality in learning. Students who learned remotely for most of the 2020-21 school year lost the equivalent of about 50% of a typical school year's math learning, compared to a 20% loss for students who attended in-person school.