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Early Childhood Development|September 21, 2021

Can’t compete: why hiring for child care is a huge struggle

The shortage of private childcare, which has worsened during the pandemic, is a major problem for parents of young children, and staffing challenges are the primary driver. The Biden administration is trying to address this issue.

Early Childhood Development|April 7, 2021

Family Connects, Smart Start expand support for NC children, families

Family Connects International (FCI) recently announced that it will provide its nurse home visiting program for families with newborns to nearly 10,000 North Carolina families in rural communities, in partnership with the North Carolina Partnership for Children (NCPC)

Early Childhood Development|April 7, 2021

Baby’s First Years study seeks to understand how poverty affects young brains

In the ambitious Baby’s First Years study, neuroscientists aim to determine whether reducing poverty through unconditional cash transfers promotes healthy brain development in young children.

Early Childhood Development|March 26, 2021

EC PRISM launches the IMPACT Measures Tool, a free repository of early childhood and parenting measures

The University of Oregon’s EC PRISM team has officially launched The IMPACT Measures Tool, a free repository of early childhood and parenting measures that simplifies the process of finding, comparing, and accessing measurement tools. All measures on IMPACT are scored on their usability, cost, cultural relevance, and technical merit. The IMPACT Measures Tool was developed to address the need for an easy way to access a variety of early childhood measures, to understand the key features of each measure, and to make informed decisions when selecting measures.

Early Childhood Development|March 25, 2021

Waterford Upstart ensures that every child arrives in kindergarten ready to learn and thrive

Rick Hess talks to Latasha Hadley of about the benefits that Waterford Upstart has provided to over 90,000 children.

Early Childhood Development|March 15, 2021

The Prenatal-to-3 Policy Impact Center releases an early childhood reference guide to the American Rescue Plan

To help the early childhood field navigate the American Rescue Plan and implications for states, the Prenatal-to-3 Policy Impact Center has compiled a reference guide to the provisions in the Act that impact infants, toddlers, and their families.

Early Childhood Development|March 3, 2021

LENA releases new report highlighting the critical importance of conversational turns between young children and their caregivers

'Inside Early Talk' features early talk data from the 10,000 children that are impacted annually by LENA's programs. Based on that data, the report draws out key findings and offers concrete guidance to both parents and child care workers, and underscores how supporting caregiver focus on early talk helps ensure the success and well-being of all children.

Early Childhood Development|October 29, 2020

Waterford Upstart receives $2 million in CARES Act funding to expand in Mississippi’s program will serve 2,500 preschool-aged children from Nov. 1 of this year to Feb. 5, 2021. The program will provide a laptop or internet access to any family that needs it, and children will receive an adjusted version of Waterford’s flagship at-home kindergarten readiness program, Waterford Upstart.

Early Childhood Development|October 20, 2020

Opening ‘so many doors for families’: COVID-19 underscores importance of wraparound care for new moms and children

The wraparound care provided by HealthySteps and Nurse-Family Partnership allows new mothers and their babies to thrive.