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K-12 Education|September 25, 2023

KIPP Foundation CEO Shavar Jeffries on Why Congress Needs to Invest, Not Divest in Education

KIPP Foundation CEO Shavar Jeffries makes the case for increased federal investment in education, and why $15B in proposed cuts to Title 1 funding will have a dire impact on learning.

K-12 Education|September 12, 2023

KIPP Middle and High School Students Have Far Higher College Completion Rates

A new study reveals vastly improved college enrollment and completion rates for students who attended both KIPP middle and high schools as compared to a similar group of children who applied for enrollment but were not selected in the network’s lottery system.

K-12 Education|June 6, 2023

Six Takeaways from Major New Stanford Study on Charter Schools

A new study from the CREDO center at Stanford shows that charter school students are now outpacing their peers in traditional public schools in math and reading achievement, cementing a long-term trend of positive charter school outcomes.

K-12 Education|April 10, 2023

Venture Capital Firm Reach Capital Raises $215M to Invest in Education Tech

Edtech venture capital firm Reach Capital announced on April 10, 2023, that it has raised $215 million to invest in tech startups that are focused on addressing gaps in education. With the new fund, its largest yet, it plans to back companies located in the U.S. and abroad, especially in Latin America.

K-12 Education|February 28, 2023

Imagine Worldwide Unlocks Progress and Personalizing Learning for Children in Liberia and Sierra Leone

In countries like Liberia and Sierra Leone, organizations like Imagine Worldwide are advancing evidence-based, affordable solutions that are increasing student outcomes in reading and math.

K-12 Education|July 19, 2022

Signs of Academic Rebound: 5 Charts Tell the Story

Math and reading scores from 8.3 million students show performance gains, but students of color and those in high-poverty schools have more ground to make up.

K-12 Education|May 17, 2022

Not Good for Learning

A new study by Harvard researchers shows how school closures have drastically widened economic and racial inequality in learning. Students who learned remotely for most of the 2020-21 school year lost the equivalent of about 50% of a typical school year's math learning, compared to a 20% loss for students who attended in-person school.

K-12 Education|April 28, 2022

$100 Million to Cut the Time Tax

Code for America, a Valhalla grantee, is working to unwind the administrative burdens that prevent millions of families from getting the benefits they deserve.

K-12 Education|December 12, 2021

Getting Child Tax Credit to Lowest-Income Parents Proves Challenging

Organizations like Code for America are working with the White House and Treasury Department to launch tools to ensure the child tax credit reaches the lowest-income parents.

K-12 Education|December 23, 2020

KIPP Shares Three Key Lessons Learned During the COVID-19 Pandemic

KIPP shares three lessons it has learned during the pandemic about deeper family engagement, more strategic use of technology, and opportunities beyond school.