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K-12 Education|July 19, 2022

Signs of Academic Rebound: 5 Charts Tell the Story

Math and reading scores from 8.3 million students show performance gains, but students of color and those in high-poverty schools have more ground to make up.

K-12 Education|May 17, 2022

Not Good for Learning

A new study by Harvard researchers shows how school closures have drastically widened economic and racial inequality in learning. Students who learned remotely for most of the 2020-21 school year lost the equivalent of about 50% of a typical school year's math learning, compared to a 20% loss for students who attended in-person school.

K-12 Education|April 28, 2022

$100 Million to Cut the Time Tax

Code for America, a Valhalla grantee, is working to unwind the administrative burdens that prevent millions of families from getting the benefits they deserve.

K-12 Education|December 12, 2021

Getting Child Tax Credit to Lowest-Income Parents Proves Challenging

Organizations like Code for America are working with the White House and Treasury Department to launch tools to ensure the child tax credit reaches the lowest-income parents.

K-12 Education|December 23, 2020

KIPP Shares Three Key Lessons Learned During the COVID-19 Pandemic

KIPP shares three lessons it has learned during the pandemic about deeper family engagement, more strategic use of technology, and opportunities beyond school.