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Medical Research & Talent|December 8, 2022

How AI Found the Words to Kill Cancer Cells

Using new machine learning techniques, researchers at at the Cell Design Institute at UCSF, in collaboration with a team at IBM Research, have developed a virtual molecular library of thousands of “command sentences” for cells, based on combinations of “words” that guided engineered immune cells to seek out and tirelessly kill cancer cells.

Early Childhood Development|December 5, 2022

The Alliance for Early Success Releases their 2022 50-State Progress and Landscape Report

In their new report, 2022 50-State Progress and Landscape Report, The Alliance for Early Success highlights policy wins and trends in early childhood across the U.S.

Early Childhood Development|December 1, 2022

With Little Federal Support for Families, States are Stepping Up

With limited federal support for early childhood expected, states across the US are stepping up to bolster family economic stability and early childhood care and education.

Early Childhood Development|November 10, 2022

In New Mexico Child-Care Funding Win, Providers Nationwide See Road Map

Historically ranked among the worst states for child well-being, New Mexico is now leading the way with recent constitutional amendment that will create a permanent fund for child care. The new funds are expected to make child care more affordable for families and increase wages for child care workers.

Early Childhood Development|October 13, 2022

Prenatal-to-3 Policy Impact Center Releases its 2022 State Policy Roadmap

Prenatal-to-3 (PN-3) has released its third annual State Policy Roadmap, providing a guide for each state on how they can implement evidence-based policies and strategies to improve outcomes for young children.

Early Childhood Development|September 30, 2022

Newsom Signs Bill Making Family Leave Affordable to More Workers

California expands paid family leave benefits for lower-income families with a measure that will improve the lives of children and families across the state.

Data Literacy|September 28, 2022

VIDEO: Foundations of Data Science for Students in Grades K-12

In September, the National Academies of Science Engineering and Medicine (NASEM) held a workshop on the growing field of K-12 data science education. Zarek Drozda (Data Science 4 Everyone) facilitated a discussion with practitioners including Suyen Machado (Introduction to Data Science) on the current landscape of data science education.

Early Childhood Development|September 22, 2022

Finding a Fix for Child Care

As childcare workers leave the industry for better pay, childcare centers are closing or operating below capacity. With no expected federal support, some states are finding creative solutions to increase pay while making child care more available and affordable for families.

Data Literacy|September 20, 2022

Towards Teaching Data Science

The revolution of, the providence of, and the ubiquity of data — all big words to describe a simple reality: data is everywhere and we have to do something about it in education.

Medical Research & Talent|September 16, 2022

International MS Microbiome Study Links Gut Bacteria to MS Susceptibility, Severity and Treatment in Novel Study

A new study published by the International MS Microbiome Study Consortium links gut bacteria to MS susceptibility, severity and treatment.