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Data Science|October 13, 2023

Steven Leavitt on Why Objections to Data Science in K-12 Are Not Sensible

Steven Leavitt pens an Op-Ed in Fortune that addresses objections to teaching data science skills in K-12, and makes the case for why and how all students need basic data literacy.

Data Science|September 28, 2023

How One State is Incorporating Data Science in Every Subject – Even Art

While data science isn't a new subject, interest is growing in helping students grow data science skills. In the last three years, 17 states have added some sort of data science course to their K-12 offerings. In North Carolina, the Data Science Academy at North Carolina state is introducing the use of data science across disciplines, from biology and art to English and history.

Data Science|August 24, 2023

The Responsible Use of AI Tools in the Classroom and Need for Data Skills

Data Science 4 Everyone Director Zarek Drozda joins Daytime Chicago to discuss how AI tools can be used in the classroom in a responsible way and the importance of data skills in equipping students to do so.

Data Science|July 31, 2023

Miscalculating Math: Rebalancing the Equation for Math Instruction to Include Data Skills

Students need data skills to land high-paying jobs in an evolving economy. This EdWeek series examines the reasons behind students’ faltering math skills, employers’ increasingly urgent calls for workers with data skills, the kinds of math skills needed for high-paying jobs in data science, and efforts afoot to find places to include geometry and statistics in the math curriculum.

Data Science|September 28, 2022

VIDEO: Foundations of Data Science for Students in Grades K-12

In September, the National Academies of Science Engineering and Medicine (NASEM) held a workshop on the growing field of K-12 data science education. Zarek Drozda (Data Science 4 Everyone) facilitated a discussion with practitioners including Suyen Machado (Introduction to Data Science) on the current landscape of data science education.

Data Science|September 20, 2022

Towards Teaching Data Science

The revolution of, the providence of, and the ubiquity of data — all big words to describe a simple reality: data is everywhere and we have to do something about it in education.

Data Science|July 12, 2022

Every Student Needs 21st-Century Data-Literacy Skills

RISC co-founders make the case for ensuring every student has the opportunity to acquire the data literacy skills that will be critical for living in the 21st century.

Data Science|May 19, 2022

California Students Need More High-Quality Advanced Math Options

Pamela Burdman, executive director of Just Equations, makes the case for providing California students with more high-quality advanced math options, including statistics, data science, or mathematical modeling.

Data Science|March 15, 2022

To Keep Students in STEM fields, Let’s Weed Out the Weed-Out Math Classes

Pam Burdman, Executive Director of Just Equations, explains the importance of alternative math pathways to cultivate a diverse generation of STEM researchers and professionals.

Data Science|March 14, 2022

Op-Ed: How Can We Make More Students Fall in Love With Math?

Jo Boaler, the co-founder of Youcubed, explains the importance of preparing students for the rapidly growing career opportunities in machine learning, data analysis, and software engineering.